Gadgets, software, hardware, and other things I use to get me through the day.


  • 15” MacBook Air, M2 (2023)

    This is my first MacBook since Apple Silicon hit the market, and it's incredible. I don't even miss having a Pro! The 15" screen combined with the light, thin form factor makes for the perfect machine whether I'm at home or around the world.

  • Mac Mini, M1 (2020)

    My go-to machine for almost four years now, the Mac Mini acts as a home server and bench machine for my long-term projects. Eventually it might turn into a build bot for native app projects.

  • Synology DS418 Network-Attached Storage

    I got this second-hand from my good friend Jeffery Bennett, and it's worked like a charm as my backup and media server. Highly recommended.

  • Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine

    With my first paycheck from software development, I bought myself this refurb'd espresso machine for under $300. Little did I know it would last me a decade of almost-daily use. Home espresso is so finicky, but I'm hooked.

  • Laura Davidson Soho Chair

    It's a knockoff Eames executive chair, and it's the best chair I've ever owned. So comfy and classy!