brandon johnson

Brandon Johnson

an independent software engineer and tech community organizer based in minneapolis, mn.

I'm a lifelong creative technology consultant, with clients ranging from small startups in the Twin Cities, to Fortune 500s. I tend to work as lead or sole engineer on projects, with a special focus on React Native and other hybrid mobile app frameworks.
I'm available for consulting arrangements starting in Q2 2023. Interested in working together?
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some clients + friends:

  • modern logic
  • safe haus group
  • haroldson art & design

some things we've done:

  • web & native apps
  • sensor data viz using GPS, RFID, and LiDAR
  • audio and video content workflow tools
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I am president of JavaScriptMN and a board member of ServerlessMN, two of the largest (now-virtual) software meetups in the Twin Cities area.
Previously, I was a principal software engineer at product studio Modern Logic, where I helped shape the technical hiring process, and led a team of extremely skilled React Native engineers. I have also been a research software engineer for digital agency space150 where I specialized in hybrid mobile apps and augmented reality. Earlier in my career, I built outage processes and identity management systems for the University of Minnesota.