What I've been up to recently...

From big data pipelines, to hybrid mobile apps, to LiDAR for Goats, here are some of the things I've built and helped to build over the past few years.

  • Audio Fingerprinting

    Exploring the possibilities of using Chromaprint to generate signatures for audio files, and compare them to a database of owned content to ensure content provenance.


  • Linguistic Visualization

    Supporting an ed tech startup by building an interactive visualization tool to help improve reading comprehension.


  • SafeSite (Crowd Intelligence)

    Using emerging technologies like LiDAR and RFID to help keep event attendees safe at some of the largest events in the world.


  • SafeSet/SafeSpaces (Contact Tracing)

    I built iOS and Android mobile apps to help film and television productions keep their cast and crew safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Intellivisit

    Helping urgent care practices and their providers make better, more consistent clinical decisions.


  • Location-based AR wayfinding in React Native

    Building a location-based augmented reality mobile app for a client in the live events industry.


  • Coilwhine (WIP)

    IoT device and sensor management for small companies that work with big data.